South Puget Sound/Olympia Rotary Club
New Member Initiative


Engage new members in Rotary values and community commitment early in their membership.


Those who have been members of our Rotary club for two years or less will meet periodically to:

  • Increase their knowledge of Rotary – both locally and internationally
  • Study issues within the local community for the purpose of identifying a need
    that they wish to address
  • Plan and implement a project that will have impact


This is an informal group that will dictate their internal leadership and format, and meeting venue. A designated chairperson is encouraged for the purposes of communication and assuring progress. All eligible members are encouraged to participate.

Each new member is encouraged to develop an idea for use of the available funds. Members can join forces and combine their financial resources towards one goal if so desired.  

Project Funding

A line item within the Club’s annual budget has been reserved for the New Member Initiative.  Each new member will have $200 to work with. The group may choose to increase the project funds through fund raising, Rotary grants, requesting additional funding from the board, or joining with other community resources. The project must be presented to, and approved by, the Board of Directors before funding is released.

Project Timeline

There is no timeline for completion of the project. A significant project may require longer than one year. It is the hope that, if the project is not completed within the Rotary year, the funds will carry over to the following year.


The New Member Initiative group is encouraged to engage other Rotary members as educational presenters or project advisors at their meetings as appropriate, and to provide periodic updates to the Board and/or Club.

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